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Our Vision, An enviromentally conscious, self sufficient community

Our Vision

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Welcome to Cypress Villages, one of the country’s most ground-breaking green communities. Amidst organic gardens, winding paths and willow playgrounds, our team  is building a self-sufficient neighborhood of *LEED Platinum-certified homes that go above and beyond most standards of sustainability.

Our willow playground, growing crops and hay bales

Our vision: to build a diverse, multi-use residential area where residents will forge a strong connection not only with their environment, but also each other. A place where energy-efficient homes are built with respect for the land. A place where children play in safety and fresh, ripe produce is a short walk away.

We welcome you to read our story, learn about our tree and to come join us in creating Cypress Villages!

*LEED Platinum is the highest possible rating designated by the U.S. Green Building Council.  >> Read more