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Green Living, Beyond sustainability. Setting the standard for green living.

Green Living

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These days, "green living" has become a catch phrase people use rather loosely. A great number of green communities out there are actually just typical housing developments with a green twist - somewhat eco-friendly buildings, perhaps an organic garden nearby.

At Cypress Villages, we're about as green as you get. Our homes are all built according to rigorous green building standards that not only sustain the land, but actually replenish it. In that way, we like to think of our community as being "beyond sustainable."

All of our homes will feature daylighting, geothermal heating and cooling, passive solar design, solar- and wind-powered utilities and non-toxic building materials. Every dwelling will be 45 percent more energy-efficient than current building codes require, and we aim to create energy, rather than depleting it. We'll grow as much of our own organic food on-site as possible, both to reap the health benefits and cut back on commute time. We're even researching ways to provide water for our homes through rainwater catchment, rather than through rural water.

As Cypress Villages continues to expand, we hope our neighborhood will provide a model for other communities seeking to live in harmony with nature, in the U.S. and globally. Because green living isn't just a trendy catch phrase - it's a way of life.

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